To develop a plan for personal well-being utilizing the six primary dimensions o

To develop a plan for personal well-being utilizing the six primary dimensions of well-being. The six primary dimensions of well-being include; physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and interpersonal wellness.Assignment Instructions: 1. Reflect on the very beginning of the semester and your initial perception/definition of well-being and its presence in your life. How did you define well-being for yourself at that time?
How do you define well-being for yourself now? Be sure to include the six dimensions of wellness.
Explain the differences between your definition at the beginning of the semester and now, as well as how you arrived at a new definition, or explain why you did not change your definition.
2. Describe in detail three habits that you have learned in your Health 101 course that can contribute positively to minimizing your risk for chronic diseases and could potentially reduce your interactions with the traditional health care system. a) Which dimension of wellness do each of these habits fit into most closely? b) What benefits in addition to minimizing chronic disease risk could you expect? 3. Based on your definition of wellness and the behaviors described in section two of your paper, create a personal plan for well-being including one item for each of the six dimensions of wellness. Defend your choices by citing research illustrating the benefit of each. 4. Select an issue related to your well-being (Examples include: soda, cigarettes, alcohol, processed junk food, personal care products, just to name a few) and indicate whether corporations should be held accountable for products that humans use or eat that are known to contribute to chronic disease. State your position on this issue and provide information to support your position as well as ethical implications. Discuss how your research and your position on the health issue you have selected will influence your future health care decisions. Assignment Guidelines: Use Times New Roman font and set the font size to 12
Set the line spacing to double-space.
Set the margins at one inch and the spacing at zero.
Answer questions in complete sentences in paragraph form.
Perform a spelling and grammar check before submitting.
Use a minimum of six references from academic journals published within the past five years
Include a separate reference page at the end of the paper in APA format.
Use in-text citations from your sources in the body of the paper in APA style.
The paper length will be four to six pages.
Include an APA formatted cover page with YOUR STUDENT ID# on it for identification purposes. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR PAPER.
Requirements: 5-6 papges

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