This discussion focuses on human variation, challenging students to evaluate and

This discussion focuses on human variation, challenging students to evaluate and summarize the anthropological perspective of race. While common culture often confuses variation in cultural practices, human physical diversity, and ethnicity, anthropological studies provide a different framework for discussing cultural differences, biological variation, and how people think of themselves. In fact, most anthropologists argue that race is a social construct, rather than a biological fact, all while recognizing that perceived racial categories define lived experiences in very real ways.This discussion asks you to read and evaluate the anthropological concept of race through a series of articles that respond to a 2006 opinion piece published in the New York Times. In the op-ed, evolutionary biologist Dr. Armand Marie Laroi asserted that racial differences are genetically identifiable. Following Laroi’s publication, several social scientists, biologists, anthropologists, epidemiologists, legal scholars, and sociologists, authored a range of response pieces to offer critique or alternative viewpoints based on their own field of study. This week’s assignment asks you to read one of the articles written by scientists in response to Laroi’s publication. You are welcome to read the Laroi article cited above, but it is optional and is not required.To complete this discussion, read and summarize one of the following short articles. Your choice of article may reflect your interests, so choose an article that makes sense to you:Two Questions about Race by Alan Goodman.
Confusions About Human Races by R.C. Lewontin
The Realities of Races by Jonathan Marks
The Anatomy of a Medical Myth by Jay Kaufman
If “race” is the answer, what is the question?—On “Race,” Racism, and Health: a social epidemiologist’s perspective by Nancy Krieger
Once the above activities are complete, answer the following questions in a discussion post and then respond to one other student post.For the article that you read, what is the author’s field of study and how do they approach the topic of race within their field?
Consider the anthropological perspective on race and how race is commonly discussed outside of anthropology. How does this article contribute to that discussion, citing specific evidence?
In your own words, what is the primary point of the article that you selected?
Finally, consider your article selection alongside the lecture and assigned readings. Is there evidence to support a biological definition of race? Why or why not?
NOTE: Like always, please remember that you are posting in a public forum that will be read by your professor and your fellow classmates. Consider whether your language is appropriate prior to posting.Grading and Tips: For each week’s discussion post, you are expected to post to the weekly discussion forum and respond in a meaningful way to one other student post. Your post should be in paragraph form with proper grammar and organized into complete sentences. Your unique discussion post should be between 250-400 words. Your student response posts should be between 2-3 sentences and should be more than “Great idea!” or “Interesting.” They should be substantive, meaningful comments.This is your chance to engage with your colleagues, so take it! Your posts should reflect your own original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and cases of possible plagiarism will be addressed through UTC’s Honor Code. Also, remember that you are commenting on other student work. Be respectful, use appropriate language, and engage in critical thinking while being sensitive others.For additional details regarding discussion post grading, please review the Discussion Post Rubric posted under Discussions.To create a post, Click “Reply” and make sure to Save your post when complete. You are welcome to draft your thread in a separate document and cut (control + C) and paste (control + V) it into Canvas when complete. To respond to other student posts, click “Reply” and make sure to post your work.Also, you will only be able to see other student work once you have drafted your own post, so make sure to check back once you have posted to complete the assignment.
Requirements: 250-400

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