The following is a simple program that should be done through python (GUI). I wa

The following is a simple program that should be done through python (GUI). I want to calculate the result or score of a specific indicator. The score is the sum of available services multiplied by the weight of this service, very easy and simple.This is the scenario, first, when the user runs the program, the first service of this indicator will be shown, and by default, the service will be available (Yes), and in case the service is not available and the user wants to change the service availability from “Yes” to “No”, the service weight should change, and this is the rule: new service weight (in %) = (weight of this service) / (sum of weights of all available services). Don’t worry, I will provide all the data later on.Then, the user should fill the status for every service name by “Yes”, “No”, or “Not Applicable”.and the score of this service is (Number of Yes)/(Number of Yes + No). Then, the actual weight of this service is the: weight (percentage) * score of this service.Finally, the score of the indicator is the sum of the actual weights of the 90 services.Note, that all questions will be provided (copy-paste), also, detailed rules will be provided, so you just have to code, and don’t worry about how to get the rules, weights, etc. Everything will be provided.The program should be done through Tkinter (Python).I provide tips for quality work. Thank you so much.
Requirements: Gui-Python   |   .doc file

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