Note: Items #1 and 3 will be a part of your business plan!1. A) Naming Your Busi

Note: Items #1 and 3 will be a part of your business plan!1. A) Naming Your Business: Be sure to read the websites and watch the videos listed under Learning Materials, as well as doing your own research on both the legal requirements and the ‘how to’ or ‘tips’ on Naming Your Business. B) Summarize your findings, as well as providing your business name in a short report. Be sure to include the required forms and costs that are associated with registering your business name. These also belong in your Business Plan Appendix. You do NOT have to complete the forms before submitting. 2. Complete Critical Thinking Exercises: 4-1 Customer Analysis and 4-2 Market Analysis in the Entrepreneurship Portfolio section of your text. Be sure to complete the chart and the three bullet point questions shown.3. CREATE/DESIGN YOUR OWN customer survey specifically for your business. This should be a professional looking form, not just a list of questions on a Word document. Be careful as to what questions and the format that you ask your questions, as this will determine whether your responses are valid and/or useful to you as a business owner. Be sure to avoid using ALL ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response questions so that you can glean the most information possible from your customers and include a COMMENTS section in your survey for customer feedback. Your survey will be included in your Business Plan Appendix!NOTE: Make sure your survey is a separate form or document that includes your business name and contact info on the header!
Requirements: 1 day   |   .doc file

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