Learning Goal: I’m working on a other writing question and need an explanation t

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.The scientific methods in everyday thinking; 1_ think of a situation where you used trial and error to diagnose and solve a problem. In the space below describe your problem and your process for solving it? 2_ How do the steps you took to solve the problem correspond to steps in the scientific method? Scientific experiment #1 Bonnie is a bioarcheologist studying health and disease patterns among the ancient Moche people who lived in Peru 2000 years ago. She finds a skeleton with abundant evidence of malnutrition and tuberculosis. She concludes form this that the Moche population was incredibly unhealthy and disease-ridden. What is a key weakness of this experiment? #2 You are part of a team investigating patterns of aggressive behavior among wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. You notice that two members of your team, George and Helen are generating wildly varying types of data. George is observing many more instances of aggressive behaviors among the chimpanzees he is studying than among Helen’s population. Why might George and Helen be getting different results? You will be given a paper with an observation related to research in physical anthropology. Discuss and then write answers to the following questions. Q1/ Formulate a hypothesis that seeks to explain the phenomenon you are investigating (a “provisional” answer to the question above” Q2/ Describe the type or types of data you would collect to test this hypothesis? Q3/ What results of your data would support you hypothesis? Q4/ what results might reject the hypothesis? Q5/ What potential difficulties or limitations might you face when designing and carrying out your study?
Requirements: each question half page

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