Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness multi-part question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.1. Which of the 3 F’s of physical activity (from Module 1) can you influence a younger child or inactive person with? What are they again? (Fun, Functional and Fitness) Share an idea of how you already do, or you can inspire more physical activity in someone’s life.2. Referring to either the Ratey video or the Headstrong article: Answer one or both questions: 1) How can you become more stress hardy? 2) What role can physical activity play in mitigating anxiety and depression in your life. Be specific. 300 words or more.A psychologist, Dr Albert Ellis (Ellis et. al, 1997), gave us three components of the stress response, calling it the A B C’s of stress: the Activating event or stressor, the Belief or Perception, and the Consequences.ABCs OF STRESSActivating Event:What stresses you out? Top stressors for college students tend to be: 1) Academic work–keeping up with academic deadlines tends to eclipse all other responsibilities and rates high as a life stressor.2) Future Plans–Choosing the right major, being successful in college, choosing a career, and finding a soul mate are all looming concerns.3) Interpersonal relationships–For the first time college students are dealing with roommates, peers and friendships outside of the familiarity of the homes they grew up in. Encountering different perspectives and beliefs while balancing academics with a social life can feel overwhelming.4). Finances–College is expensive. Students often experience this burden for the first time while in college. In addition to these daily life stressors major life changes and traumatic events can challenge one’s coping mechanisms. 3. In a short paragraph, of 150-200 words, post your response to the Student Stress Scale and your stress score . No wrong scores or answers . What one issue can be addressed ASAP to improve your stress score?4. Why do you think we have resorted to medicating children who have attention problems rather than creating opportunities for them to move more? Explain in a few sentences.
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