Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science report and need support to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science report and need support to help me learn.PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROFICIENT IN OPERATING SYSTEMS PROCESS SCHEDULING AND CAN WRITE ABOUT THE TOPIC BEFORE BIDDING.THE REPORT IS NOT LIMITED TO A CERTAIN NUMBER OF PAGES BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE IT CONTAINS ALL THE REQUIRED CONTENT.PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE RUBRIC AND DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE VISUALS (GRAPHS, ETC) Attached is the assignment description: Using your learning from Chapters 6 to review the following paper: Carl A. Waldspurger, and William E. Weihl “Lottery Scheduling: Flexible Proportional-Share Resource Management”, Proceedings of the 1st USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (1994).
As a part of this assignment, you are required to write a survey report, of the attached paper, that includes a description of the work done in the paper, a comparison of the scheduling strategy presented in this paper with the other scheduling techniques described in the textbook, such as, FCFS, SJF, priority scheduling, round robin scheduling, rate monotonic scheduling, and earliest deadline first (EDF) scheduling. The survey should be very detailed and should cover (but not limited to) the following topics:CPU-I/O burst cycles
Preemptive vs non-preemptive scheduling
Scheduling criteria
Single processor vs multi-processor scheduling,
Following are the metrics that you will be evaluated on:Technical component: 50% of the overall grade.
Supporting Graphs, Statistics, and Supporting material: 20% of the overallgrade.
Citations: 10% of the overall grade.
Organization: 10% of the overall grade.
Language and writing: 10% of the overall grade.
Both the paper and the book which includes chapter six are attached as pdfs.
Requirements: 6 PAGES   |   .doc file

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