Hello Please write TWO FORMAL EMAILS TO 1)The Board of Directors at Heartline. 2

Hello Please write TWO FORMAL EMAILS TO 1)The Board of Directors at Heartline. 2) Cynthia Bell-PhlegarWrite them SEPARATELY AFTER READING SCAERIO 5 File uploaded below Please WRITE A VERY FORMAL EMAILS AND INCLUDE THE SUBJECT AND USE A VERY STRONG ACADEMIC WORDS Please go through the instructions very carefully Please upload/attach/link one document for scenario 5–whatever you think is most appropriate for The Board of Directors at Heartline and Cynthia Bell-PhlegarAfter re-reading scenario 5, make sure toConsider what genre you think the correspondence should be email, ).
Use the questions below to do a PAD Analysis of the scenario (or refer back to your PAD Analysis of Project 1 Scenarios Exercise)
Draft your correspondence and post to the discussion board. Please upload/link/attach files to keep the document formatting secure
pre-Writing: Perform a PAD analysis (Purpose, Audience, and Design) of your chosen correspondence by answering the following questions:What’s your purpose? More than just the stated purpose? What’s the goal, the desired outcome?
Who’s your audience? How might they receive/perceive correspondence coming from you? Are they an internal or external audience? What’s the power dynamic between you? What level of formality do they expect? What tone is appropriate?
What design will be most effective? Think about genre (i.e., letter or memo) and why you think this genre is appropriate. Think about style and format and length. Think about structure and organization.
Requirements: 2 pages   |   .doc file

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