Grab a “regression” dataset from the UCI archive:

Grab a “regression” dataset from the UCI archive: or these datasets: Do not use the same dataset as anyone else, i.e., pick randomly.Choose a single input variable and output variable, and graph their relationship (scatter plot). The plot does not need to look “linear,” since we can find a linear regression line for any data.Then create a single-neuron network (Linear type neuron) and train the network on the data. Also use the linear regression function of sklearn to find the actual best regression line. Then plot the network’s predictions and sklearn’s predictions on a scatter plot with the original data.All these steps were performed in class, see the front page of Canvas for the notebook file.The book’s ch4 and ch5 are good for this assignment.Submit file using WebcamWebcamSubmit file using FilesFilesSubmit file using GoogleGoogleSubmit file using Office365Office365

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