could you pls write 3 part is: Introduction, Analysis, and conclusion . the writ

could you pls write 3 part is: Introduction, Analysis, and conclusion . the writing only. total 2 pages. single spaceIn the Introduction:• This should be pretty short.• A sentence or two explaining the main goals of the lab• A sentence or two about how the content of the report fits into the overarching theme of the class, drug discovery.Analysis• You only need to comment on the data you used to come to your conclusions.• Do explain how you ruled out reference as possible matches for your unknown.• As you go, explain what the tests indicate about presence/absence of functional groups, and what Rfs can tell you.• Comment on the data in Part III. You may not be able to draw any specific conclusions about this data, but you should choose one aspect of the data (Rf values, UV vs. visible light plates, qualitative test results, something else?)Conclusions• This section can be pretty short.• State your take-home message(s) from the lab and restate the major bits of data that support your conclusions.I have attached a file name : “Lab A report” from last semester, however it was pretty long, you can take a look. I don’t know its was wrong or right. Three parts for one lab I have attached some lecture note. you can understand the material.thank youReferences in IEEE . 8 sourcesjust writting part no calculationIntroduction, Analysis and conclusion
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