ASSIGNMENT:In your response to your peers:Choose a stance that opposes the one t

ASSIGNMENT:In your response to your peers:Choose a stance that opposes the one they presented in their initial posts.
Justify your opinion using information from the module resources or additional resources you have found.
PEER POST # 1After reading the article I think I was more taken back by Wal-Mart trying to listen in on customers and workers. It is clear they intend to analyze content of the conversations despite saying otherwise. However, it doesn’t indicate if the workers or customers are aware of this. That makes all the difference. I find it hard to believe that every conversation had in a Wal-Mart would be reviewed or even noticed, however if the customers or employees are not aware of it then it isn’t ethical. No matter how you look at it, they must inform them they are being listened to. Any company has the right to do whatever it deems appropriate in regard to monitoring. If you don’t want to be recorded, don’t work for Wal-Mart I suppose. I use to be recorded at my job and my actions reviewed from time to time just to verify I was doing what I was supposed to. I never thought it was being done for the wrong reasons, and somewhat understood it, though I felt it was a bit much. PEER POST # 2Employee monitoring is a technique to monitor during the work hours. Some of the things that are monitored is the computer activity, email, time spent on tasks, GPS locations, and more. It is advertised as improving productivity and prevent unacceptable behavior.I am going to take on the issue of Wal-Mart listening in on employees and customers. Some people might think this is an evasion of privacy while others might not care. As far as I go, I don’t really care about it honestly. I am not saying anything in a work environment because I am on the clock and their dime. I am not doing anything bad enough, that they would need to listen and get myself fired for. When you are getting paid and have a job, it is there business especially if it is their equipment. I have a work issued computer that I take home everyday and I stay away from it unless it is work related. I have my regular computer for the things that are personal. I do believe that organizations have a right to protect themselves because technology is trying to beat them. With technologies, employees have the advantage and have taken advantage. Employers do not want to be on the loosing side anymore because people don’t care or will risk it all in this day in age. Desperate times breed desperate measures! Organizations have to try to keep the upper hand. Again, is it wrong that people could invade our privacies? Sure! I just feel that when you have nothing to hide then why even stress something. Their is a thin line between monitoring activity and the right to privacy. Some benefits of employee monitoring are reduces wasted time, increase of transparency, better insight on performance, and constant supervision. The two downfaults of this same plan would mean legal issues and privacy concerns.
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