A chain of European womens clothing stores working with A and B classes . Their

A chain of European womens clothing stores working with A and B classes . Their market becoming extremely competitive because several aggressive fashion stores are expanding aiming the young fashion “ conscious buyers .They will begin with 8 branches in Jeddah & Riyadh . Also they planned to use digital marketing and advertising to distribute fasion products . The questions : Q1: Define the term marking management and briefly explain the various elements of marketing mix being pursued in this case ? Q2: how can you change the traditional mix to core business process concept ? Q3: select the target market ? Q4:select the USP unique selling preposition (brand promise you can rely on to attract customer Q5:choose one of the target markets and write the full segments description (social class place time income and education ¦.etc )of prospective consumer of there products ? Q6: If the company have five competitors in the Saudi market you can tell them to offer other brands and how ? Fighting of segmenting brands or both ? Give me examples Q7 : Identify the channel of distribution the company would adapt and justify it by giving one reason. And what is the distribution strategy can be use by this company in future ( direct or indirect )(intensive or selective ) Q8 : Identify and explain the communication mission used by this company and put some new tools can company use in the future ? Q9: place the appropriate brand name of the product and slogan? Q10 : what is the proper pricing policy can be used ? And why ?what pricing strategy can use (skimming or penetration and why )

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