8-10 pages ¢Nature of Vulnerability  Clearly discuss the nature of the persons

8-10pages ¢Nature of Vulnerability Clearly discuss the nature of the persons vulnerability and how it has impacted the person ¢Literature Review How social work practice and research informed on the persons main stressor/need/problem ¢Theory Application Apply one of theories”ecological systems theory family systems theory or Ericksons psychosocial theory to the person ¢Summary of Biopsychosocial Assessment ¢Strengths and Resilience Identify the strengths and resiliencies of the person ¢After Interview Reflection Reflect your reactions and after thoughts to the interview and assessment of your interviewing strengthens and needs ¢Application of Task-Centered Model Apply the Task-Centered Model and create an intervention plan for three-targeted problems. ¢Anticipated Outcomes (Desired Outcomes) Discuss the implementation of intervention and the anticipated outcomes ¢References Utilize at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles to support your literature review and intervention plan

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