6-8 pages. After the collection of data, the next step is assembling information

6-8 pages. After the collection of data the next step is assembling information into a draft in preparation for writing the final product. To fully assess and understand the data collected an outline is a great format to utilize to map out your ideas and the structure of the final briefing paper. Additionally an outline is useful in connecting concepts ideas and principles from the readings relating these ideas to the data collected. In addition to honing research and writing skills this assignment will be useful in further developing the framework for the final briefing paper. Instructions To prepare for this papers final submission you will need to focus on the data collected through your review of articles listed in your annotated bibliography. For this assignment you will need to create a detailed outline of your summary of the issue. You will also need to include a clear explanation of current policies. Besides clearly outline or propose policies and state a recommendation. Items to include are outlined as follows: · Length of assignment: 6-8-page outline · Format of assignment: Current Turabian Format · Number of citations: 10 from the annotated bibliography · Acceptable sources: scholarly articles empirical journals and assigned textbook readings published within the last 20 years.

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