6.3 Draft Industry Article You will build on the work that you started in your i

6.3 Draft Industry Article You will build on the work that you started in your industry blog to craft an industry article. Key points for this assignment follow: Do not use the entire blog for your article “ meaning it cannot simply be a cut & paste of the blog into the article with wording added around it. A blog is written more personally and is concise and succinct in writing. The article may have the same audience but the genre of writing requires a different tone and style ” business professional. A document has been created to help you to write your article more effectively and efficiently. It is attached. By following the steps you will be able to have greater confidence in your ability to compose a good industry article. The best examples of an industry article will be found in journals written specifically for industry professionals. I encourage you to locate at least five different journal titles to search on in OCLS that support your industry. Then look at the articles in those journals to see how you can best write for your industry. The instructions prompt you to locate the writing guidelines for at least one industry journal. See the example provided by a student in another course. That example is listed with a hyperlink at the top of the page in the accompanying help document. As mentioned in the Zoom meeting you have an option to write the article in a single-spaced paper format or you may use a magazine/industry article format to include two columns color pages graphics and so forth. Be sure the work is suitable for the industry. Getting Started Upcycling is the process of repurposing old content into something new and improved (Roeder 2021 para. 2). It is not that your blog is incredibly old but the intention is the same. Sounds like great stewardship! This assignment will provide you with information on how to capitalize on the time and talent you have previously invested in your doctoral research and writing specifically in this course so that you can produce new valuable content with efficiency and effectiveness. Or as the world of writing might opine . . . with craftsmanship. References Roeder L. (2021 April 12). How to turn a single blog post into 10 fresh pieces of content (or more!).Meet Edgar.https://meetedgar.com/blog/how-to-turn-a-single-blog-post-into-10-fresh-pieces-of-content-or-more/(new tab) Upon successful completion of this assignment you will be able to: Craft an article from a blog. Background Information You will notice this is another low-points assignment to give you a place to practice your article writing. Be sure to complete a full draft of the entire article so your peer and instructor can give you feedback. It is possible you have developed habits in your life that lead you to procrastinate. That is a habit that will not serve you well in this program. This draft activity has been specially designed to help you work ahead and give yourself enough time to do high quality writing. You will never do your best work by writing in a rush at the last minute. Remember that writing is a discipline and you must apply good practices to become a good writer. Instructions Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. Review the distinction between popular and scholarly sources(new tab) in Writing Commons. Read about Substantive Prose Style(new tab) in Writing Commons to understand the style expectations for this assignment. Read Synthesis Notes: Working with Sources to Create a First Draft(new tab) in Writing Commons. Request the following eBook from OCLS then read the eBook chapters 21-28: Handley A. (2014). Everybody writes: Your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content. Wiley. Retrieve the blog you completed. Be sure to also retrieve the faculty feedback for that submission to support the process of turning your original blog into a scholarly article. Write your article draft. Establish a plan for how best to complete the written assignment well using the available downloadable resources and others accessible to you. Select a topic that closely matches your blog or is a spin-off of the blog topic using some of the prior assignment content and a few of the resources. Use the additional resources your compiled in Workshop 5. Integrate content from at least seven sources appropriate for the focus of the study. These should include the best sources from your growing collection in the course as well as any additional sources needed to fill gaps. Consider exploring areas of your OCLS personalized research plan that you have not yet explored and any sources that you have discovered through your peers in this course. Gathering resources is a continuous process that shows you are engaging in critical thinking along the way. Locate the name and NAICS code for the selected industry. Locate the name and hyperlink for at least one industry journal editorial guidelines and submissions criteria. Write the article in 1 “ 1 500 words single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs and graphic content (e.g. a figure or table). Incorporate at least one graphic item (i.e. infographics table chart list diagram picture figure etc.). Please use Creative Commons another free image repository a paid subscription image repository like Adobe or receive permission for use if you are not the original creator of the graphic item. Research how to write catchy headlines and titles that capture readers attention and draft a working title. Use single line space with double-spacing between paragraphs and graphics. Format per APA for all else. Edit edit edit using Word Spelling and Grammar checker Grammarly and other helpful means. Submit your article as a Word document by the end of the workshop. LOOK AHEAD: Please note that in activity 7.3 you will be asked to submit your article for peer review no later than by Day 4 of the Workshop. Those who post first will be assigned peer reviews first. Review the associated rubric

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