500 words In the Human Services field, you are giving so much of yourself that i

500 words In the Human Services field you are giving so much of yourself that it can at times become draining.To help you prepare to serve others its important to learn skills like practicing self-care boundaries and establishing a good support system. Even if this is not a field you want to go into these skills are still important! For this assignment you will: Watch the TED Talk about Compassion Fatigue here:http://compassionfatigue.org/ (Go to this website and scroll down for the video). Summarize the video in a short (at least 8-9 sentence) paragraph highlighting key points and parts that resonated with you. Take at least one of the three assessments here:http://compassionfatigue.org/pages/selftest.html. What were the results and what did you learn about yourself? Create a Self-Care Plan by specifyingat least 5 healthy boundaries or habits you already have or want to incorporate into your life. Examples include daily meditation or prayer weekly Zumbaclasses going camping once a month starting a gratitude journal spending quality family fun time on Friday nights etc. Be intentional and clear about how you will practiceputting in so you will be full enough to give out. Be specific about how you will incorporate this self care into your life.

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